Enjoy a Wolf'em in 3 easy steps!

Enjoy a Wolf 'em in 3 easy steps!

1. Bake 'em

Pick any dough you love and bake it over our Wolf 'em attachment. The cooking head is sized perfectly to work with a regular sized pop can biscuit dough. Feel free to try cinnamon roll or pizza dough.

2. Fill 'em 

It is fabled that everything tastes good in a Wolf'em! Get creative and fill'em up with what your craving around the fire. Some of my personal favorites are cherry pie filling, chocolate pudding, and eggs and sausage.

3. Wolf 'em

Like we said earlier... everything tastes so good in a Wolf 'em that you gotta "Wolf them down." Try our famed one-bite challenge and post it to social media!



Here's what you get with each Wolf'em Stick

  • The Wolf 'em attachment
  • The safety marshmallow/hotdog roasting fork
  • The dual rotary handles that cooks all campfire treats to perfection

Is the allure of the World's Best Campfire Roaster too strong to handle?


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