Top 10 places to eat a Wolf'em

Top 10 places to eat a Wolf'em

April 17, 2019

WOLF'EM 101:  A Wolf'em is a campfire biscuit cooked over the fire in a cup shape that you fill with ANYTHING that you love to eat.  A Wolf'em tastes so good that you have to 'wolf it down!'  You can make a Wolf'em with a Wolf'em Stick - the ULTIMATE Camping Cooking Tool. 

Here are our top 10 places where you can eat a Wolf'em 

#1 - Camping with friends and family.  Pack a box of Bisquick, a can of pie filling, a couple of snack puddings and you will have a simple treat that everyone will love to help make around the fire.

#2 - Picnics.   Add some variety and fun to outdoor cooking by filling your Wolf'em cups with a variety of fillings such as fruit, taco meat, nutella, cooked marshmallows with candy bars - the ideas are limitless!

#3 - Backyard Firepit.  3 out of 5 families in the United States have some kind of firepit in their backyard.  If you are one of those families - Wolf'ems will become your new favorite treat!  The Wolf'em Stick comes with a backwards facing safety fork that is perfect for cooking hot dogs and marshmallows!

#4 - Girls Camps/Scout Camps.  It can be hard to find an activity that kids of all ages will enjoy and participate in - making Wolf'ems is THAT activity!  It is the activity that everyone will talk about LONG after the camp is over.  

#5 - Family Reunions.  Cooking for a crowd is expensive and takes a lot of preparation.  Making Wolf'ems simplifies the cooking experience and is inexpensive.  You can feed a crowd of 20 for less than $10.00.  Your shopping list is simple:  pop-can refrigerated biscuit dough ($2.00 for 40), a can of chili ($2.00),  a can of pie filling ($2.50), whipped cream ($2.00).  You will have dinner and dessert for $10.00!

#6 - Backpacking.  The Wolf'em Stick consists of three separate pieces to make is very easy to bring with you on your next backpacking adventure.  

#7 - Beach Bonfire.  Be the "cool" mom and help your kids learn how to cook while having fun.  The Wolf'em Stick rotary handle turns (literally!!) every event into an experience!

#8 - Tailgating.  Before the big game, put out a spread of fillings and let every create their own Wolf'em masterpiece.  There are no losers in this game!

#9 - In your house, over the kitchen stove or fireplace.  There is no need to go far from home to make a Wolf'em!  Use your fireplace or kitchen stove to cook a Wolf'em!

#10 - Practically anywhere!  There is never a dull moment when the Wolf'em Sticks are out and people are making Wolf'ems.  Have fun, create memories, connect with friends and family while cooking a Wolf'em today!



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