Oreo Crush & Pudding Wolf'em

Oreo Crush & Pudding Wolf'em

October 28, 2019

If you love Oreos you will love this Oreo Crush Pudding Wolf'em.  Simple, tasty, and fun to make!

Oreo Crush & Pudding Wolf'em

  • 1 package of refrigerated biscuit dough
  • 10 Oreo cookies
  • Pudding cups or make instant pudding (any flavor)
  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Caramel syrup

Takes 5, serves 10+ cups.

  1. Cook Wolf'em cup over fire or stove and set aside to cool.   (Click for more instructions).
  2. Crush Oreo cookies.  Place cookies in gallon zip lock bag.  Using a rolling pin, crush cookies until they are broken in small pieces.
  3. Fill cooked Wolf’em cups with about 1 tablespoon of pudding, then sprinkle with crushed Oreos
  4. Top with a generous amount of whipped cream and drizzle with chocolate or caramel syrup
  5. Wolf it down!

    How to make the Wolf’em Cups

    Coat your Wolf’em roasting stick with non-stick spray and place your favorite biscuit dough on the dowel. Rotate your Wolf’em stick over the campfire or stove, baking evenly until golden brown and set aside to cool.


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