FAQ - Everything you want to know about a Wolf'em

FAQ - Everything you want to know about a Wolf'em

February 13, 2019

Q: What is a Wolf'em

A: a cooked biscuit cup that you fill with anything you want

Q: Why is it called a Wolf'em?

A: because it tastes so good that you "wolf it down"

Q: How do you make a Wolf'em?

A: on your Wolf'em Stick . . . place biscuit dough at the end of your Wolf'em Stick cooking form, cook over the fire for 3-5 minutes

Q: Does the dough stick to the cooking form?

A:  spray the cooking form before placing the dough to prevent dough from sticking

Q:  What kind of dough can I use?

A:  any type of bread dough works . . . pizza dough, gluten free, pop can refrigerated dough, Bisquick etc.

Q: Where can I cook a Wolf'em?

A:  camping, backyard firepits, backpacking, over kitchen stove, beach bonfire, picnics, anywhere with a fire

Q: What can I put inside a Wolf'em?

A:  pudding, pie filling, Nutella, chili, meatballs, stew, clam chowder - ANYTHING tastes great in a Wolf'em

Q: Do you have any recipe ideas?

A:  our packaging has 30+ simple ideas, our Camping Time Cookbook has more complicated recipes and we post Wolf'em recipes regularly to our blog

Free Wolf'em Cookbook

Simple Outdoor Recipes Click here to access [PDF File]

Q: Who made this product?

A:  Spencer & Tanner Harrison, brothers from South Jordan, Utah came up with the idea of a Wolf'em Stick when they were taking an entrepreneurship class in high school.  People have been cooking biscuits over the fire for ages - but there is not another biscuit roaster with a rotary handle on the market

Q:  Is there a patent on the product?

A:  yes. we have two patents - US Patent Nos. D802,378 and D714,106

Q:  Is there a trademark on Wolf'em?

A:  yes

Q:  Does anyone else make a Wolf'em Stick

A:  there are other biscuit roasters on the market but not with a rotary handle and backwards facing hotdog roaster

Q:  What is the warranty on the product?

A:  the Wolf'em Stick has a lifetime warranty

Q:  Will the cooking form catch on fire?

A:  no.  the wood is protected by the biscuit dough while exposed to the fire -   the wood may get darkened but will not catch on fire

Q:  What type of wood is used for the cooking form?

A:  birch wood


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